Sale of a Controlled Substance in Birmingham, AL

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Were you recently arrested for sale of a controlled substance? As possible penalties and convictions flash before your eyes, it is tempting to give up hope and simply plead guilty. This is not your only option! An arrest does not automatically equal a conviction and our firm wants to proactively combat your charges.

We are qualified to handle your case because with more than a decade of experience, our team has successfully defended hundreds of individuals. Tidwell Law Group, LLC can successfully counter even the most aggressive prosecutors and never backs down from a challenge. With a Birmingham drug crime lawyer on your side, you can have hope in what the future holds.

Ramifications of a Conviction of Drug Sale

By categorizing controlled substances into five different schedules, Alabama is able to determine the seriousness of the drugs involved in your alleged offense. The more dangerous the drugs, the harsher the potential conviction. Drug sales are especially serious because they involve multiple individuals and are always classified as felonies.

You could face additional penalties if the sale occurred:

  • Near a school: a sale that occurs on or within three miles of a school campus can result in five years additional imprisonment
  • Near public housing: a sale that occurs on or within three miles of public housing can result in five years additional imprisonment

The most common penalties for sale of a controlled substance are incarceration and fines. Such an offense is never considered a misdemeanor – a felony is the only possible conviction if you are found guilty for selling illegal substances.

Secure the Defense of a Birmingham Drug Crimes Attorney

Even if you feel that the odds are stacked against you, our firm believes there are always avenues to explore which may result in the reduction or complete dismissal of your charges. We are tenacious advocates for the individuals who we represent.

Immediately after you’ve been arrested, the prosecution begins working to compile evidence against you. For swift action in your defense, schedule your consultation with Tidwell Law Group, LLC today.