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No one likes to be treated as if they are just like everyone else and yet so many law firms treat their clients this way. Not at Tidwell Law Group, LLC, however. We understand that each client and their needs are unique and we respect that by giving personalized attention to each case. From misdemeanors to felony charges, there are no circumstances too big.

Penalties for criminal cases and DUI convictions in Alabama can be some of the most severe in the nation. Hefty fines, lengthy jail time, and other consequences could be harming to your wellbeing – both financially and emotionally – for years to come. Tidwell Law Group, LLC provides Mountain Brook residents with the attentive representation they need. By offering our vast legal knowledge, we can give you a sense of relief and confidence, knowing that a professional team has your back.

Representing Clients with a Strong Criminal Defense Case

Inexperienced lawyers won’t be able to give you the comprehensive representation that you deserve. At our firm, the client always comes first and we work tirelessly to pursue justice. By pairing our impressive familiarity of the law and litigation process with a persistent attention for detailed, we have earned a track record for success.

We can provide support for numerous kinds of criminal defense cases, such as:

Trust a Mountain Brook Criminal Defense Attorney with Experience

Despite making a renowned name for ourselves in criminal defense cases, Tidwell Law Group, LLC has always had a focus on defending clients who have been arrested for drinking and driving in Alabama. We want to ensure that anyone who is facing a DUI charge has an opportunity to defend themselves. With our commitment to your best interests, you can rest assured that your side of the story will be told and that you are standing strong with dedicated legal advocates.

Turn to our firm if you are facing charges involving any of the following circumstances:

The least that can be said about your criminal offense or DUI charges is that you must act quickly. Evidence is being gathered against you the very moment you are arrested. Our firm prides itself in its speed and efficiency, fully understanding the importance of a powerful defense. No matter what sort of accusation you are facing, we can protect you and your rights.

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