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What Should I Do At a DUI Checkpoint?
What Should I Do At a DUI Checkpoint?

DUI checkpoints, or sobriety checkpoints, are designed for one purpose- to catch unsuspecting drivers unaware. Officers will essentially block off a road and ask that all drivers pass a brief inspection to prove that they are not intoxicated. However, they may take ...

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  • DUI Under Age 21: What Are the Penalties?

    DUI charges can be serious under any circumstances, but they can be especially damaging to drivers under the age of 21. Driving under the influence of ...

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  • What Are the Penalties for Theft Crimes in Alabama?

    If someone takes your property without any legal consent, that individual could face serious legal repercussions, including jail time, costly fines, ...

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  • Can My Criminal Record Be Expunged?

    If you have a criminal record, you already know the negative impact it can have on your life. A criminal record can prevent you from obtaining ...

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  • How Social Media Can Impact a Criminal Case

    From communicating with loved ones and conducting business to posting vacation photos and keeping up with current events, millions of Americans and ...

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  • What Is Attorney-Client Privilege?

    If you’ve been accused of a crime, you’ll need someone on your side who can aid your defense and fight for your rights. A professional DUI attorney ...

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  • What Is a "No Contest" Plea?

    When you are arraigned on criminal charges, the charges against you will be read, and the first question you’ll be asked is how you wish to plead. ...

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  • Three Do's & Don'ts for Your First Day in Court

    If you’ve never been to court before, your first appearance can be nerve-wracking. Facing a judge is an intimidating prospect, and having to answer ...

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  • What Defenses Can Be Used Against a Resisting Arrest Charge?

    The crime of resisting arrest is pretty much guaranteed to put police officers on edge and raise the hairs of prosecutors. By its nature, resisting ...

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  • Why You Should Never Leave the Scene of an Accident

    Getting caught in a car accident can be an intimidating ordeal for anyone. Matters get even more nerve-wracking if you believe that you are to blame, ...

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