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Can I Get Arrested for Sleeping in My Car in Alabama?
Can I Get Arrested for Sleeping in My Car in Alabama?

It’s the last call at the bar, almost closing time. You’ve had several drinks and you don’t think it’s a good idea to drive. However, you don’t want to call an Uber and abandon your car in the parking lot in fear of getting ticketed or towed. What do you do? Many people in ...

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  • Worst Mistakes You Can Make After a DUI Arrest

    If you have been arrested for a DUI for the first time, it is crucial to understand that your actions after the arrest can affect your case--as well ...

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  • DUI Law in Alabama: Myths vs. Reality

    Why do people believe myths about how to beat a DUI charge? Because these stories are told time and time again, leading people to believe it’s true ...

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  • Penalties for Second and Subsequent DUIs

    Even one DUI offense can severely impact your future, but more than one will undoubtedly change your life: your career, finances, and your very ...

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  • Avoid a DUI This Thanksgiving Holiday!

    The Thanksgiving holiday is one of the single busiest road travel holidays of the year, and likewise it’s also one that’s celebrated with a lot of ...

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  • Are Officers Permitted to Use Drug Sniffing Dogs at a Traffic Stop?

    Under the Fourth Amendment, you have the right to protection from what the Constitution calls “unreasonable search and seizure.” However, what ...

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  • Have You Been Arrested for DUI on Halloween?

    Halloween is nearly upon us, which means Halloween parties will be happening all around the Birmingham area. With Halloween parties often comes ...

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  • How a Cannabis Vacation Could Land You In Trouble in Alabama

    To date, recreational marijuana has been legalized entirely in nine states. Colorado in particular has boasted of a massive amount of additional tax ...

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  • A Summary of Alabama's Commercial DUI Laws

    If you wish to drive a commercial vehicle, be it an 18-wheeler tractor trailer, package delivery truck, construction machine, and many others, you’re ...

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  • Does Alabama Have Hardship Licenses?

    If you’re arrested and convicted of driving under the influence, there’s a pretty strong chance that your penalties will include a mandatory driver’s ...

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