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Is Indecent Exposure a Misdemeanor or Felony Offense?
Is Indecent Exposure a Misdemeanor or Felony Offense?

Earlier this month, a Wilsonville man was arrested and charged with indecent exposure. Initially, he was accused of committing a misdemeanor; however, after the District Attorney’s Office reviewed the case, they decided to dismiss the original charge and re-file as a felony ...

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  • What You Should Know About the Penalty for Some Sex Offenders

    The penalties for a sex crime conviction are severe: a person could be sentenced to years in prison and be ordered to pay thousands of dollars in ...

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  • What Does it Mean to Be Indicted?

    Under the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, no person can be put on trial for a capital or infamous crime without first having been indicted ...

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  • Is it Armed Robbery if You Didn’t Have a Gun?

    When you think of armed robbery, you might have an image of a person holding another individual at gunpoint. However, because of the way Alabama ...

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  • How Actions During a DUI Stop Could Lead to Bribery Charges

    Being pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence could be a frightening experience. This might be your first run-in with the law and the ...

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  • Pursuing a Claim After an Accident with a Commercial Truck

    Commercial trucks are massive vehicles, often carrying heavy loads that make them substantially more dangerous than passenger cars. An accident with ...

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  • What Are Aggravated Criminal Surveillance Charges in Alabama?

    In early July of 2019, a man from Vestavia Hills was charged with 13 counts of aggravated criminal surveillance. Law enforcement alleged that the man ...

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  • Is Trespassing the Same as Burglary?

    Both trespassing and burglary involve knowingly entering another person’s property without their permission, but they have significant distinctions ...

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  • What Are Alabama’s Loitering Laws?

    In 2017, the Birmingham police department offered free ‘No Loitering’ signs to local businesses to prevent crime. The signs state that a person who is ...

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  • What Happens if I Am Caught Driving on a Suspended License?

    To drive on Alabama roads, you must have a valid license. If the Director of Public Safety suspended your license and you continue to drive, you could ...

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